Submit a Workers' Compensation Claim


Workers’ Compensation First Report of Injury Instructions:

Step 1: Complete and submit a MS First Report of Injury (FROI) online or Email to:

If you prefer, you may submit the FROI by fax or U.S. Mail. 

The First Report of Injury Instruction Page is also available for you to print if needed for further assistance.  Feel free to call our Workers' Compensation Department if you need assistance completing this form. 

Step 2: Complete the below forms as soon as possible.  Once the forms are completed and saved to your computer, you have the option to attach them to your online First Report of Injury claim submission.       

If you receive an "Employee Petition to Controvert" please contact our office immediately for further handling instructions.

Step 3: If submitted online you will receive an email confirmation.

Mississippi Municipal Service Company

Attn: Workers’ Compensation
600 East Amite St., Suite 200
Jackson, MS 39201

Toll free: 800-898-1032
Local: 601-355-8581
Fax: 601-355-8584