Mississippi MUNICIPAL Liability Plan

Service You Can Trust!


In the late 1980’s governmental entities in the State of Mississippi were faced with the loss of their sovereign immunity at a time when insurance carriers were abandoning the government market.  Thus, the Municipal Liability Plan was created to allow municipalities to pool their resources to provide low cost coverage for the wide array of municipal exposures.  The Mississippi Municipal Service Company, a non-profit company, through the Liability Plan has been able to provide first dollar coverage for municipal exposures including, but not limited to, auto liability, general liability, public officials liability, and law enforcement liability.  The Service Company has also been able to provide this coverage at a steady, competitive rate.


Liability Plan Advantages:


  • No Deductibles (First Dollar Coverage)
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Experienced Claims Specialists
  • Competitive Rates
  • Risk Control/Safety Training
  • Law Enforcement Training
  • Directors’ and Officers’ Coverage
  • Errors & Omissions Coverage
  • Employment/Sexual Harassment Coverage 


Mississippi Municipal Service Company
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